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Veronica Roller

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I am a dentist of over 30 years of continuous clinical practice, I am also a mother and grandmother. My particular interest is in making the almost impossible dental experience become one of true value. Being around the negative emotional energies of fear, distrust, loss and doubt that most patient enter our surgery with is challenging both for my staff and myself, but most importantly may impact on the type and quality of our service to our patients.

I am always looking for techniques and knowledge where I can instill into myself, my staff and more importantly into the patients to alleviate some of the anxiety associated with dental treatment. I have followed David Snyder on line for almost a year and was so impressed by his generosity of spirit and knowledge and so when I knew he was coming to Sydney I enrolled to do his Hypnosis boot camp in March, 2019.

After the week of intensive training my mindset elevated to an entirely new level where my intuition became my guide. My first case was a general practitioner who was suffering from a degenerative eye disease and required weekly injections to control the deterioration of her eye sight. She remains skeptical but has not needed the dreaded injections into the back of her eye.

I then wanted to take the shyness away from my 2 year oldgrand daughter who protested vehemently. However when I explained to her that she could bring back the shyness anytime that she felt unsafe she became a willing participant and understood what grandma had learnt in "Magic" school.

My practice manager achieved normal blood pressure with diet, exercise and removal of trapped emotions after being diagnosed with Hypertension. My greatest achievement with my staff members was Kristen who had a tremor of her hands since a fall from age 3 which I managed to track down.

I have an extremely busy practice which the hypnosis techniques have been able to keep me centered and efficient. My regret was lack of time but somehow with my intuition I am able to use language and techniques which are tailored to each situation.

The technique that I have adopted and modified specifically is the spinning and handling of the bundles of energy trapped in the energy body. I can do this both for myself and for those burdened with unwanted heaviness and negative influences medicating with drugs or diversion.

I have expanded my abilities with increasing speed as the week of intense training with David Snyder had opened up a portal to my potential energy lying dormant in the recesses of my memory patterns.

I believe the saddest element to life are the people lying dormant and never discovered what they are capable of. Numbing out their emotions with cigarettes, alcohol, food and diversion tactics and in the dental chair "pure terror". A practitioner's first duty is to activate the life center of a patient will to want to be well and healthy. To respond with strength in times of Fear. Empowering my patient especially the children has been my greatest reward

When the student is ready the teacher does appear, we all have the tools but they are not awakened. We are only limited by chaos and our mind so to have both the tools and the organised knowledge to alter my patient's responses have been invaluable.

The degree of rapport with another is dependent on the degree of acceptance and trust. When we understand the principles involved then we gain greater confidence. We all look better when we have our own natural authentic beauty and this occurs when we are relaxed, energized and feeling alive.

Neurosciences working with psychologists and immunologists have discovered that emotions such as love, hate, happiness and fear directly influence the nervous and immune systems. These emotions cause the body to create chemicals and hormones that can either enhance or drain our energy and performance. Our energy then becomes dependent on the 65,000 thoughts a day. If most of our thoughts are negative and repetitive and these thoughts create the beliefs which determine each person's experience of Life. It is no wonder that the pharmaceutical industry dispenses billions of prescriptions for "dis" ease with increasing numbers.

In medicine but especially in Dentistry a problem will persist and repeat until the cause has been discovered. Pain is the body's way of seeking attention. So when pain exists I have to listen to it carefully and give it the attention it requires. My attention will give me my intention.
Now I can expand on this, listen to my patient's fears and without struggle I can use the techniques with precise strategy to ensure that their experience with me is one of great service as my communication and organised activity are re-enforced...... with each positive result, the higher my energy level rises.

The higher my energy level: the well being of others becomes increasingly important to me.

Thank you David Snyder....

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