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Here is The Power To Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind For Success Health Wealth and Happiness and Get the Incredible Ability to Win Friends and Influence People To Believe What You Say and Do What You Want, Any Time and Any Place...


Below you will find links to some of our very best free content that you teach you exactly how to use the power of your unconscious mind to

                      • Remove Blocks To Your Success
                      • Get Rid of Negative Emotions
                      • Gain Unstoppable Confidence
                      • Overcome Fear 
                      • Become Magnetically Charismatic and Attractive


David Snyder Seminars 2022

Hypnothoughts Live:
11- Day Hypnotic Certification
Vacation Celebration Live In Las Vegas!

July 25th through August 4th, 2022
Orleans Hotel and Casino
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David Snyder Hypnosis Seminar:
KI: Defense Against The Dark Arts of Manipulation
Speed Profiling & Psychology of Attraction
Certification Boot Camp

August 30th through September 3rd, 2022

Live In Las Vegas Nevada!

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David Snyder Martial Arts Seminar:
Secrets of Internal Power Self Defense Super Charger
4-Day Certification Boot Camp

October 20th -23rd, 2022
San Diego California

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David Snyder NLP Seminar:
Real World NLP - 8 Day Practitioner Certification: TBA