This premium Mastermind portal is the key to all self mastery skills that I’ve covered over the past 2 years. The Mastermind covers trainings and topics that I have given to clients that have paid me $20,000+ a year just to get access to this knowledge, it includes secrets I have shared with personal clients, a front row seat to ALL of my premium Mastermind meet-ups, along with over 160 hours of pure knowledge you can apply to your everyday life today.

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In these ultimate Mastermind trainings you will learn:

  • Raise Your Sense of Self Worth/Self Esteem
  • Completely Recreate and Custom Design Your Self Image
  • The 6 Stages Of Persuasion That You Can Use In ANY Context
  • How To Control Your Emotional State, ON DEMAND
  • Create Better Relationships
  • The Critical Path To Influence In Every Situation
  • Advanced State Control For Energy Healing Applications
  • How To Develop Your Psychic Skills
  • A Brand New Model On Exactly How The Mind/Body Works (And How You Can Use It For Therapy)
  • The Basic Hypnotic Theories And Understandings That Will Put You In The Top 1% Of Hypnotherapists
  • The 7 Stage Personality Transformation Protocol That Will Allow You To Install And Change Whatever Personality Traits You Want In A Client
  • How To Create DEEP And Powerful Connections With People
  • Davids Approach To Teaching Applied Neuro Linguistic Techniques
  • How To Talk To People In A Certain Way That Helps People Get Change
  • How To Connect With Another Human Beings Nervous System
  • How To Instantly And Automatically Sync/Link Your Mind And Body With Another Human Being
  • How To Generate Irresistible Levels Of Rapport Whenever You Want
  • How To Build On The Foundations Of Killer Influence And CPI
  • How To Remotely Influence People In Time And Space
  • How To Use The 7 Unstoppable Language Patterns
  • The COMPLETE SYSTEM From Going From Total Stranger To Deep Levels On Intimacy (In Less Than 20 Minutes)
  • Exactly How To Understand The Social Dynamics Of Male/Female Interaction
  • Powerful Physical Techniques That Give You Access To Total Body/Orgasm Control In Your Sexual Relationships
  • The Psychology Of An Orgasm, And How To Leverage That In The Bedroom