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Time Distortion For Fun And Profit


Time Distortion For Fun And Profit


What would you be able to accomplish if you had all the time in the world to do it? Would you enjoy some things more if you could make time go faster? What if you could install a more compelling future in your mind, so it were to automatically happen when you were ready for it?

Join David Snyder in this premium meet up group as he talks about the secrets of the Time Distortion effect, and how to leverage it for your benefit.

In Time Distortion For Fun And Profit, you will discover...

  • Exactly How To Work With The Filters Of Time
  • How To Get As Much Done In As Little Time Possible
  • How To Enjoy Things As Much As You Possibly Can
  • How To Change  Your Experience Of Time For Maximum Benefit In Your Life
  • How To Install A Compelling Future In Your Own Mind