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Julian Lewin

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Before I went to San Diego, I have been a healer practitioner for the last 9 years; I have been watching David's you tube for the last 3 years, and applying some of the techniques with the ones I already have. The results were short of amazing, so my next step was to go to his seminar and to be able to have a better understanding on what I was doing, as well as a structure.

While doing the practices in the class, several things started to happened; the approach and the delivery became one, as one I mean the felt right to be done in that way and it became a norm of doing things, just short of amazing,

Since I arrived in Florida open Quest to Stop the Pain LLC; got insurance, working in the marketing ;among the things I am doing I have approached the VA to volunteer my services once a week in exchange of reviews; I have visited the public libraries to do seminars; on the process of doing meet ups, set appt with clinical psychiatrist and psychologist for referrals. among others.

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