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Hélène Bienvenue

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I’m a kinder garden teacher and I have my school of martial arts.

I met David Snyder at a martial arts camp in Pennsylvania. He have shown some techniques for healing physical and psychologic pain. I was a little bit curious about it.

After that camp, three years ago, I had in my classroom a student who was throwing everything he can find in the class (pot of paint, toys and even chairs). There were also a ‘’super specialist’’ who was coming in my classroom sometimes to tell me that I was not doing the right thing but the things she told me to do were impossible to do when I, or anybody else, was responsible to teach for all the classroom. I was really stressed about the safety of my students and I was not feeling good at all. Near the end of the school year, there were another martial art camp in Pennsylvania and fortunately, David were there. I asked David to do the same treatment to me because I was not feeling good at all. He did it to me and it allows me to finish that school year without having to stop teaching because of a burnout.

David was saying that people come to see him for 3 reasons. Reason 1: People want David solve their problem. Reason 2: People want to learn how to solve their problem by themselves. Reason 3: People want to help other people to solve their problems. I was thinking all the reasons were good. So, I decide to learn that for helping myself if I need it and to also help others.

Since then, when I need it, I’m using most of the time, the spinning color, the frames and sometimes the grey room to help myself. I also help a lot of people with those techniques. People I know and also people I don’t know. When I hear about someone who need it, I offer help.

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