Hypnotic Hot Buttons

Do you want to learn how to find out EXACTLY what is most important to someone in their life and know EXACTLY how to give it to them to make them feel really good?Could you imagine how amazing your life would be if you were able to walk around making everyone feel really good all the time and being able to give them what they wanted?If so, then join David Snyder with Hypnotic Hot Buttons.You will learn:
  • How To Master Criteria And Values Elicitation
  • How To Figure Out What Someone Loves
  • How To Figure Out How To Give It To Them
  • How To Make People (And Yourself) Feel REALLY Good, All The Time

Spiritual Power Intro Energy Healing 


Anyone who is ready to begin taking charge of their own personal healing or the healing of others, may find out about the power of Energy Healing and other spiritual disciplines. Once you begin to apply these techniques and systems in to your life, you will quickly realize how powerful these kinds of change work can be, and you can see all the possibilities on how it will work for you in your life.

Join David Snyder in this premium meet up as he reveals the basics of Energy Healing and how to apply it in your life.

In Spiritual Power: Intro To Energy Healing, you will discover:

  • How To Learn About Different Forms Of Energy Healing
  • The Basics Of Reiki, And What You Can Do With It
  • How To Think About Qi-Gong
  • The Basics Of Theta Healing
  • How To Get Started With Pranic Healing And Psychotherapy

Real World Regression


Join David Snyder in this premium meetup where he reveals the most powerful language patterns that you can use to yield massive influence in your life.

Learn how to:

  • Master Hypnotic Languaging
  • Win at Life
  • Become A Master Persuader
  • Yield The Most Powerful Language Patterns

Anchors In Action


Join David as he reveals the fundamentals of anchoring and how you can apply it to your own life.In “Anchors In Action” you will discover:

  • How To Create An Anchor
  • How To Release An Anchor
  • How To Chain An Anchor
Once you learn how to work with this powerful tool, you will be able to yield powerful influence over ourselves and others.You can begin to apply anchors in your life immediately to:

  • Release Emotional Pain
  • Become More Productive
  • Make More Money
  • Change Your Habits
  • And More…
Sign up to “Anchors In Action” and start taking control of your life TODAY!

Self Mastery Supercharger


This course rapidly removes all the guess work from self-hypnosis, trains your unconscious mind to rapidly and reliably respond to your commands and gives you a Simple Clear STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT To Follow That Allows You To Change Practically Anything You Want About Yourself In The Shortest Amount of Time Possible – Even In As Little As Seven Minutes

It includes my seven stage identity By Design Process for Rapidly Transforming Ones Personality to Be Exactly What the You Want It to Be

  • FIND and Eliminate Blocks To YOUR Success Minutes
  • Overcome Traumas Stress and Phobias FAST
  • Program Yourself for Rapid and Automatic Success and Good Luck!

The Material in This Course Can be taught as a complete self-hypnosis course or used clinically for deep comprehensive therapeutic and pervasive personality change work. 

  • Raise Your Sense of Self Worth/Self Esteem
  • Completely Recreate and Custom Design Your Self Image
  • Magnify Your Sense of Deservingness and Eliminate Victim Mentality
  • Accelerate and Amplify Your Personal Power Through a Deeper Understand of how to access the latent powers of the human nervous system

By Systematically…

  • Removing Unconsciously Stored/Repressed Negativity in the Body
  • ELIMINATE RESISTANCE TO CHANGE by Targeting Specific Events That the Unconscious Mind is “Deliberately”
  • Holding On To and Giving It an Alternative Process to Simply and Easily Reprocess The Experience Quickly.
  • Installing Default Driver States That Automatically Propel You to Be More Successful In Every Aspect of your Life Instead of the States Programmed Into You by Default
  • Removing and Reprogramming The Voices Inside Your Head So They Only Build You Up and Inspire You Instead of Tearing Your Down and Holding You Back…
  • Completely and Systematically Removing The Negativity From Your Past and Changing Your Own Personal History and Memories To What You Want Them To Be So That When You Remember The Past You Only Remember It In Ways That Make your Life Better and Supports the New Identity You Are Building
  • Then Taking this New Improved Version of You and Installing It as A Filter before You Were Born So That Everything You Experience Afterward is processed Through Those New Perspectives

And Finally…

Systematically and Strategically Installing the Traits, Qualities, Beliefs, Skill Sets and Other Attributes of People You Admire Building Them Into this New Persona That You have Created and then accelerating and amplifying it Into the Future in a Positive Self Fulfilling Prophecy

You’ll Also Learn:

  • The Hidden Laws of Mental Dynamics That Give You Maximum Control Over Your Own Mind And Body In Minimum Time.
  • The Right Way to Give Yourself Suggestions and Affirmations That Actually Have a Chance of Working.
  • How To Borrow The Genius Of Anyone You Want And Actually Begin To Own Their Skills Just Like They Do
  • How To Program Your Own Mind In Just Minutes A Day To Zero In On The Successful
    Situations, Goals And Events That You Want, and Automatically CREATE The Behaviors That Result In Your Actually Getting It

Real World Hypnosis : Trauma Resolution


The Quickest & Most Effective Way to Heal the Past for Hypnotherapists, Coaches, & Good Samaritans Everywhere

If you’re reading this, you might be a hypnotherapist with an established practice.

You may be uncertified but feel a special “calling” to help others heal their wounds.

You may have a friend or loved one who desperately needs help but won’t seek it through traditional means.

Or you may just be fascinated with this aspect of psychology and would like to become a more effective and kindly powerful human being.

No matter what you’re looking here, Real World Hypnosis: Trauma Resolution is here to give you what you need.

It’s 25+ hours of video… a 135+ page PDF workbook… And literally my most advanced hypnotherapy training EVER.

Even if you’re BRAND NEW to Hypnosis, don’t worry. This is a full A-Z Hypnotherapy Certification course.

(And if you’re a bonafide hypnosis expert, don’t let that last statement worry you either. We get through the basics fast and I guarantee you’ll learn some deep fundamentals you likely missed along the way.)

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this program:

  • How to connect with your client energetically… so you automatically say just the words they need to hear.
  • The fastest way to lose dependence on “scripts” and instead naturally speak from your higher self… creating a safe space where the client’s subconscious conspires to be healed by you.
  • How to cut your hypnosis learning curve by 85%… and skip all the time-consuming “old school” habits that sound nice, but never really get the client anywhere.
  • 4 Ways to Test, Deepen, and Convince someone that they must take your hypnotic influence for the sake of their happiness and freedom.
  • The Instant Induction – take someone into trance in literally seconds… and this often works even better on people who do not want to be hypnotized.
  • How to skyrocket your personal and professional charisma, so people deeply want to listen to you and want to follow everything you say.
  • The easy method to guiding clients to heal themselves… using just a few easy visualizations and simple breathing exercises.
  • How to dissolve bad habits that have been around for decades.
  • Help someone get naturally pulled toward their goals instead of having to push themselves.
  • What to do if the client does not want to let go of their trauma (this happens way more than you think).
  • “Point & Fix” Body-Centered Hypnotherapy… which works amazing for people that won’t talk about (or don’t know) their trauma events.
  • How to scramble, un-do, or delete a bad memory from a person’s past.
  • The Negativity Clearing Techniques that can banish depression, self-sabotage, and thought-obsession from clients.
  • How to scan a client in 30 seconds and instantly know the fastest way to heal them (works 95% of the time).
  • The Reverse-Psychology technique for getting a resistant client to become absolutely committed to following you and healing themselves.
  • Reframing techniques to take an ugly event and turn it into the most beautiful thing that ever happened to someone.
  • How to know when something really worked… even if the client looks the same.
  • Ways to navigate objections from the client (as well as from their friends and family!)
  • All the ethics you need to know to get started so you don’t risk getting any sue-papers!