Face Reading and Secrets of Chinese Medical Hypnotherapy 


What if you could tell just by looking at your subjects face…If you are ready to master the power of Face Reading, and use that power to automatically get whatever you want out of life, then Face Reading is your next stop.

  • Instantly read their personality!
  • Understand how they think, feel and behave!
  • Measure their sexual or romantic compatibility!
  • Their current state of physical and emotional health!
  • Uncover and resolve forgotten traumas!
  • Their relationships with their parents and siblings!
  • Know how they make decisions!
  • …And so much more!

Face Reading



If you’d like to purchase 2 or 3 of the offers you can buy 2-3 packages and we will add the products to your account. Offer:
  • 1997.00 Secrets of Face Reading – Home Study Course
  • Secrets for Understanding Yourself and Others, Healing Emotional Trauma, Getting Rid of Negative Emotions and Removing Blocks To Your Success!
  • 1,497.00 Identity By Design
  • 997.00 Lie to Me IF You Dare – How to Catch Liars and the art of Deception Detection
  • 1,497.00 Vibrational Healing
  • 997.00 People Reading for Fun and Profit

People Reading For Fun And Profit


Join David in this premium course where he reveals the secrets of how to read people and understand what they are thinking and feeling, to the best of your ability.This is a fun course that is useful across a variety of contexts, including dating, seduction, business, social, and more. If you are looking to better understand people and better understand the world around you, then People Reading for Fun And Profit is an extremely useful course for you.In this premium course, David will cover:

How To Cold Read

How To Read People’s Body Language

The Secrets Of Face Reading Handwriting Analysis And more…

If you are ready to start People Reading For Fun And Profit, then download this premium digital course now.

Lie To Me


Join David in this premium meetup course that is the gold standard on advanced techniques related to lie detection.

In this course, you will learn

  • The Art And Science of Lie Detection
  • The Mindset Necessary To Catch People Who Are Being Deceptive
  • 15 Top Indicators That Someone Is Being Deceptive
  • Advanced Body Language Secrets That Allow You To Speed Read Someones Attitude/Mindset From Across The Room.

Get started today With 
Lie To Me

Real World NLP


This is a comprehensive NLP certification program led by David Snyder that focuses on his approach to Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a recording of a Practitioner Certification seminar that you can use to master all of the elements of NLP in a practical and real world setting.

In this Advanced NLP Course, You Will Discover:

  • Davids Approach To Teaching Applied Neuro Lingustic Techniques
  • How To Use NLP To Create Powerful And Rapid Change In People
  • How To Talk To People In A Certain Way That Helps People Get Change
  • How To Understand How To Model Peoples Experiences So You Can Help Yourself/Others Get The Change That You Want
  • David’s Approach To Holonomic/Holographic NLP.
  • Applied NLP For The Real World

You Will Also Learn Exactly What NLP is…

  • NLP Is An Understanding Of How Your Neurology Creates Your Reality
  • Once You Understand How That Happens You Can Create Your Own Reality
  • NLP Is About Teaching You To Run Your Brain More Effectively

You Will Learn Exactly How To Apply NLP So You Can…

  • Install New Beliefs
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs
  • Change Limiting Beliefs
  • Control Your Senses
  • Expand The Scope Of Your Senses
  • Remove Blocks To Success
  • Install PRocesses and Programs That People Who Are Skilled In Areas That You Desire, To Yourself
  • How To Achieve Time Distortion