Speed Attraction: Rapid Attraction Secrets


Are you looking to create almost magical results in your dating life? What would it be worth to you to be able to create intense levels of attraction and sexual arousal in your partner or potential partner, basically whenever you want?

Join David Snyder in this life changing seminar that will reveal to you the secrets of creating these kinds of results in your dating life, and discover EXACTLY how to apply it in your life, no matter where you are at in your game.

In this online seminar, you will quickly discover…

You will learn:

  • The COMPLETE SYSTEM From Going From Total Stranger To Deep Levels On Intimacy (In Less Than 20 Minutes)
  • Exactly How To Understand The Social Dynamics Of Male/Female Interaction
  • How To Read Precisely Where She Is In The Dating Process
  • How To Realize Exactly How Sexually Aroused She Is (And What To Do About It)
  • How To Take All The Guesswork Out Of Questions And Conversation, And Know Exactly What To Say
  • Learn The “3 Magic Questions” System, That Will Propel You In To Deep Intimacy In Less Than 20 Minutes
  • How To Approach Without Fear, Every Time
  • How To Be The Most Fascinating Person That He/She Has Ever Talked To
  • The 7 Key Characteristics Of The Archetypal Hero/Heroine
  • How To Develop INSTANT Trust And Rapport
  • How To Control Your Emotional State
  • How To Be Playful ON-DEMAND, Whenever And Wherever You Want.
  • Learn How To Automatically Create Charisma, Whenever You Want
  • Learn How To Cold Read Someone
  • Learn How To Tell A Woman Exactly What She Wants To Hear
  • Learn How To Deepen Attraction
  • Much More…

If you are a man or a woman that wants to create the relationship and/or dating life of your dreams, then take action on joining this Speed Attraction course and start taking control of your results.

Speed Attraction


What would your dating be like if you had the ability to create a tremendous amount of attraction literally on-demand?

Join David Snyder in this premium meet up as he reveals the single most powerful technique for creating intense feelings of attraction from a complete stranger.

You will learn…

  • The Exact “3 Magic Questions” Process That Will Take A Woman (Or Man) From Stranger To Lover
  • Exactly When To Apply It, And How

Self Mastery Supercharger


This course rapidly removes all the guess work from self-hypnosis, trains your unconscious mind to rapidly and reliably respond to your commands and gives you a Simple Clear STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT To Follow That Allows You To Change Practically Anything You Want About Yourself In The Shortest Amount of Time Possible – Even In As Little As Seven Minutes

It includes my seven stage identity By Design Process for Rapidly Transforming Ones Personality to Be Exactly What the You Want It to Be

  • FIND and Eliminate Blocks To YOUR Success Minutes
  • Overcome Traumas Stress and Phobias FAST
  • Program Yourself for Rapid and Automatic Success and Good Luck!

The Material in This Course Can be taught as a complete self-hypnosis course or used clinically for deep comprehensive therapeutic and pervasive personality change work. 

  • Raise Your Sense of Self Worth/Self Esteem
  • Completely Recreate and Custom Design Your Self Image
  • Magnify Your Sense of Deservingness and Eliminate Victim Mentality
  • Accelerate and Amplify Your Personal Power Through a Deeper Understand of how to access the latent powers of the human nervous system

By Systematically…

  • Removing Unconsciously Stored/Repressed Negativity in the Body
  • ELIMINATE RESISTANCE TO CHANGE by Targeting Specific Events That the Unconscious Mind is “Deliberately”
  • Holding On To and Giving It an Alternative Process to Simply and Easily Reprocess The Experience Quickly.
  • Installing Default Driver States That Automatically Propel You to Be More Successful In Every Aspect of your Life Instead of the States Programmed Into You by Default
  • Removing and Reprogramming The Voices Inside Your Head So They Only Build You Up and Inspire You Instead of Tearing Your Down and Holding You Back…
  • Completely and Systematically Removing The Negativity From Your Past and Changing Your Own Personal History and Memories To What You Want Them To Be So That When You Remember The Past You Only Remember It In Ways That Make your Life Better and Supports the New Identity You Are Building
  • Then Taking this New Improved Version of You and Installing It as A Filter before You Were Born So That Everything You Experience Afterward is processed Through Those New Perspectives

And Finally…

Systematically and Strategically Installing the Traits, Qualities, Beliefs, Skill Sets and Other Attributes of People You Admire Building Them Into this New Persona That You have Created and then accelerating and amplifying it Into the Future in a Positive Self Fulfilling Prophecy

You’ll Also Learn:

  • The Hidden Laws of Mental Dynamics That Give You Maximum Control Over Your Own Mind And Body In Minimum Time.
  • The Right Way to Give Yourself Suggestions and Affirmations That Actually Have a Chance of Working.
  • How To Borrow The Genius Of Anyone You Want And Actually Begin To Own Their Skills Just Like They Do
  • How To Program Your Own Mind In Just Minutes A Day To Zero In On The Successful
    Situations, Goals And Events That You Want, and Automatically CREATE The Behaviors That Result In Your Actually Getting It

Sensual Enhancement: Erotic Hypnosis Made Easy


What would happen if you combined the power of hypnosis with raw sexuality? Could you imagine what would happen to your sex life if you were able to give women (or men) orgasms on demand, and activate your most primal desires?

Join David Snyder as he teams up with Steve P. (from “The Game”) and teaches you everything you need to know about erotic hypnosis.

In this course,Sensual Enhancement: Erotic Hypnosis Made Easy, you will discover…

All The Nuances Of Erotic Hypnosis That You Can Immediately Apply In Your Sex Life

Basic Level Erotic Hypnosis (How To Get Started)

Advanced Level Erotic Hypnosis (How To Master It)

The Secrets Of Primal Level Hypnosis,

And How To Leverage That In The Bedroom.

The Subtle Subservience Triggers That Will Make Her Do Exactly What You Desire

DISCLAIMER: This is an advanced level sexuality course that is likely offensive to many people. If intense and sexual content offends you, then this course is probably not for you.

Get started on your Erotic Hypnosis journey today with Sensual Enhancement: Erotic Hypnosis Made Easy.

Secrets of Face Reading


What if you could tell just by looking at your subjects face…

If you are ready to master the power of conversation, and use that power to automatically get whatever you want out of life, then Secrets Of Face Reading is your next stop.

Instantly read their personality! Understand how they think, feel and behave! Measure their sexual or romantic compatibility! Their current state of physical and emotional health! Uncover and resolve forgotten traumas!

Their relationships with their parents and siblings! Know how they make decisions! …And so much more!

Renegade Romance


Are you looking to SUPERCHARGE your dating and love life? What if you understood the EXACT mating dance that everyone goes through, all the way from stranger to lover?

Join David Snyder in this premium meet up as he covers the EXACT Seven Stage Mating Dance that will give you total control over your dating.

You will discover:

  • Exactly How Intimacy Is Built (And What To Do When You Have It)
  • The 7 Stages Of The “Mating Dance”
  • How To Know Exactly Where You Stand With A Woman (or Man)
  • How To Know The Next Steps To Take To Get Intimate (And Get It Right EVERYTIME)

Take action today and buy Renegade Romance.

Killer Influence


Experience the single MOST POWERFUL covert influence techniques known today through the Killer Influence course. Learn the secrets of covert hypnotic influence and discover how you can use these techniques to create a tremendous amount of influence in your personal and professional life. Instantly allow yourself to heal, grow, and make all of your dreams happen. The Killer Influence system will expand on the lessons learned in the Conversational Persuasion & Influence course, and give you even more awareness and control over your internal emotional states – and what that means for exerting influence in the world.

Once you are ready, Killer Influence will teach you…

How To Create DEEP And Powerful Connections With People

How To Control Your State At Will

How To Connect With Another Human Beings Nervous System,

How To Use That Connection To Send Feelings To Them

Have Them Be More Open To Your Influence

How To Manage Their Emotional State From Across The Room How To Tap In To The Secret Processes They Use To Make Decisions

How To Automatically Target The Emotional Triggers And Hot Buttons That Make Them Do EXACTLY What You Want Them To Do

How To Be A Master Hypnotist Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Social Hypnotic Operators Learn How to Cold Read Any Human

Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Proxemic Hypnotic Operators Learn The Most Powerful Language Patterns On The Planet

How To Influence Attraction Learn The Four Pillars Of Hypnotic Influence

Learn Exactly How To Get People To Comply To You If you are one of the lucky few that are ready to take your influence skills to the next level, take action now with Killer Influence.

Join David Snyder in expanding your hypnotic and influence skills in ways you never before thought possible.

Solid Gold Inner Game


Are you looking to create AMAZING results with your dating, but seem to constantly be running in to problems and challenges. Do you feel down on yourself, and tend to blow the date or pickup way more than you would like? If so, it’s time to work on creating Solid Gold Inner Game. When you are running your pickup and your emotional state is indestructible, you will automatically and easily say and do exactly what you need to get the results that you desire. You will become irresistible to women, as they will feel your strength and presence.

Join David Synder in Solid Gold Inner Game, as he takes you down the process on EXACTLY how to create the inner game and personal identity that makes you a force to be reckoned with.

In Solid Gold Inner Game, you will quickly discover…

EXACTLY How To Control Your Emotional State (Anytime And Anywhere), So You Can Feel Good And Create The Results You Desire

How To Automatically Become Playful, Whenever You Want And Make Women Want To Be Around You

The Secrets Of Building Your Own Identity So You Automatically Begin To Achieve The Kind Of Results That You Want

Crazy Powerful Techniques And Strategies For Pickup Artists That Almost Give You An Unfair Advantage In Dating

Once you begin to discover this and more in Solid Gold Inner Game, you may find yourself achieving results easily and effortlessly – in ways that would blow your mind when you look back on it.

Get started today and level up with Solid Gold Inner Game.